Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about CBD and its many uses, please refer to our frequently asked questions section.

What is CBD?

The first thing you need to know about CBD is that it is not weed or pot or some substance that people take to get high. CBD is a cannabidiol that is found in both Hemp and Marijuana plants. Although Marijuana plants and Hemp plants are both strains of the cannabis sativa plant, the two plants have many different characteristics. The first is that the hemp plant does not contain THC, the molecule that gives people the sensation of being high. CBD can be extracted from the marijuana plant but is most commonly extracted from the hemp plant for uses in various ailments. Once the CBD has been extracted from the plant it is made into an oil or used as an ingredient in foods candies, drinks and creams.

Why do people take CBD?

There have been many studies that show that CBD has a vast array of health benefits. Studies and testimonials have also been reported to successfully have relieved the symptoms of many common health issues. Some of those issues include insomnia, chronic pain related to injury, stress disorders, and even cases where it has lowered the occurrence of seizures. Although the way people respond to the effectiveness of CBD might vary greatly, it seems that CBD has recently become a natural option away from traditional pharmaceuticals. More and more people are seeking natural remedies to avoid weekly doctor visits and expensive prescriptions.

Who can take CBD?

Although CBD is a natural product and now extremely popular as a remedy for people all across the world, before taking any products from our site we recommend you speak to a healthcare professional. We also ask that you never purchase on behalf of another person, or give products you have purchased from us to anyone.

Can CBD get you high?

The short answer is no, it will not get you high.
CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that attaches itself to receptors in our body’s system that do not cause the euphoric state caused by THC found in marijuana.

How does CBD work?

Our body has what is called an endocannabiniod system, ECS which receive the cannabinoids and tell our body how to react to them. The receptors then influence our functions of sleep, immune system and pain among others.

Is CBD legal everywhere?

Some people are concerned about the legality of CBD which is understandable due to the many articles that told of people being arrested for possession of CBD as little as a year ago. Today we can find a CBD store in practically every strip center or Mall. It’s sold in grocery stores and health stores nation wide. In the last year there have been several modifications to Federal and State laws which have allowed for the sale and use of CBD in many different forms.
Currently CBD that contains 0 percent THC and is derived from the Hemp plant is legal in all 50 states at a Federal Level. Products that say BROAD SPECTRUM are meant to contain 0 THC and should be stated on the label. Products that contain 0.3 percent THC are also legal in all 50 states at a federal level. These products that have trace elements up to 0.3 are called FULL SPECTRUM.
The reason it is allowed on a federal level is that the Federal authorities have deemed any plant that has less than 0.3 percent THC as a hemp plant. All hemp plants and products are considered legal at a federal level thanks to the farm bill signed in 2018.
When you get to State laws in most cases CBD with 0 THC are legal as well. However some States say that if you have a Full Spectrum product which again contains 0.3 percent of THC that you are still technically in possession of Marijuana according to the State. Even though it is very small trace amounts simply left over from the extraction process and couldn’t get you high, they could chose to have you arrested. Today arrests have become rare as CBD becomes more widely excepted in most States. If you have concerns about your States stance on Full Spectrum CBD, we suggest that you select a Broad Spectrum product to illuminate concern.

How much CBD do I need?

Cbd comes in different forms and different strengths. It also effects people differently depending on how each individual reacts to it. We suggest that you start with what is recommended on each label from the manufacturer and adjust your dose from there.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

If you are in a job or profession that may require drug testing, it is better to take the broad spectrum products. Full spectrum has such low amounts that it is not certain to show up positive, but it is possible. It is probably a good idea if it is a concern to ask your companies policy on CBD usage as a health treatment.

What if I purchase a product and it doesn't help?

Please refer to our return policy.

How long after I order will it take to receive my product?

Providing the product you have selected is in stock it will ship within 48 hours. That timeline may be affected during Christmas, Thanksgiving and pubic holidays.